Fit Dentures Without Extracting Tooth Roots, Is It Possible?

Installing dentures without extracting the roots of the teeth should not be done because it can cause various problems, ranging from bad breath, gum infections, to digestive problems. Teeth that have been damaged for a long time and left untreated, often leave the root of the tooth still embedded. At first glance, this makes the tooth area look toothless and interferes with aesthetics. So, many people want to cover it with dentures. Unfortunately, it is not uncommon for this to be done without removing the remaining root of the tooth. Installing dentures without extracting the roots of the teeth is not recommended. Because this step can pose a variety of adverse risks to your dental and oral health. Immediately consult with a dentist-recommended by dental seo.

When we have cavities, it’s a sign that there are lots of bacteria eating away at the surface of the teeth. If left unchecked, the bacteria will continue to work, and eventually, there will be no crown left. Finally, only the root is still stuck in the gum. You need to remember that the loss of the crown of this tooth does not mean you are toothless and are the green light to be able to immediately install dentures. The remaining root of the tooth must be removed before you can cover the gum with dentures. The remaining roots of teeth that are not extracted can be a source of infection in the oral cavity. Because, even though it is not very visible, the root of the tooth can still be a gathering place for bacteria which can later make the gums swollen, pus, and bleed easily. The roots of teeth that are not covered by dentures alone can trigger infection, especially those that are covered by dentures. The roots are left untouched by dental cleaning agents, saliva, and other cleaning fluids that can help get rid of bacteria.

Good dentures are those that can be used comfortably and can replace the function of missing teeth properly. Dentures, both removable and permanent, of course, will not be able to adhere properly to the gums if there are roots of the teeth that are stuck underneath.

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