About Me

My Blog Is Quite Random

Hey My name is Ronna Campoli and I am the founder, owner and editor at OC Classic Jazz.I know some of you might feel annoyed due to the fact that this blog isn’t related to its title, or it’s simply too random compared to other blogs. Well, you are not wrong if you feel that way. It’s because those things happen intentionally, so people will be interested in my blog and visit it often. I feel a little bit sorry for you if you don’t like the way I manage my blog, but hey, it’s called “my blog” for a certain reason. However, if you don’t mind with those two things, then you are more than welcome to stay and read the random articles on this blog of mine.

You can find articles about various things, such as technology, entertainment, video games, and even home maintenance. It’s true that this blog might look weird at first glance, and it is indeed weird. Nevertheless, its randomness which makes it stands out among the others, and you may feel refreshed and tickled after you’ve just finished reading an article about new gadgets, while you may find the next article is about how to maintain your ceramic tiles. It’s completely random, and I hope it randomness can entertain you in some way.

Furthermore, if you are bored with the internet and its repetitive viral content, then I believe it’s the right time for you to visit my blog again. It’s because when you are here, you can feel that this place is very different compared to the rest of the internet. Its uniqueness can be found when you read the articles here, and you will forget that the internet has bored you for quite a while. Nevertheless, as long as you won’t leave negative comments here, you are more than welcome to stay and read through various articles on my blog, and if you feel that the title of this blog isn’t related to the articles at all, then please pay no mind to it and you will feel at home when you read the articles here.