You Need to Ask These to Your Lawyer

Defending a rapist sounds like a very immoral act. Whoever did it seemed to have no conscience. The justice system in this world is more entitled to decide whether someone is guilty or not. But we might not understand why there are lawyers who choose to work this way. Being a rape lawyer is like defending a war criminal or a tobacco company. Of course. Society thinks someone is automatically guilty when they are accused of sexual violence. Though we need to test the evidence first to see whether the accusation is true or false. This is very important for our criminal justice system. Being a lawyer is not easy, therefore you are required to choose a lawyer who has special expertise and is provided by a criminal and DUI defense. If they admit their crime, we will explore their background and context. After that, we will submit the appropriate results to the Court.

Often we negotiate the results so that all involved do not need to go through a trial. Many do not understand that the majority of criminal cases are processed as guilty pleas. Does the lawyer have a client who is indeed guilty and remains on trial? It does not matter if the prosecutor cannot prove the case without hesitation, because that means the evidence has not reached the required standard. The criminal justice system can exist because of evidence testing. A lawyer will not complain if you get a difficult case and will always do the client’s request in dealing with cases that suffer from it.

The question that often arises is why every guilty client, a lawyer still defends his client? Because an institution works at the request of its clients. We told the client that the sentence would be lighter if he admitted his mistake and did not fight. But this person went to court without heeding our advice. He was found guilty. He appealed and was found guilty again. In defending a client, a lawyer does not have to like it or justify his actions. People need to know that we are also part of the community. We are a father, husband, son, mother, wife, and daughter of people. We also feel the same as what happens in the community.

As a state of law, Australia is demanded to provide guarantees of protection, legal certainty, and justice to its people. Legal certainty and justice are not only limited to aspects of criminal and civil problems faced by individuals, but also include problems in the fields of business, investment, banking, international transactions involving corporations, and so forth.

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