You Must Realize This Before Entering The Medical Faculty

Before actually entering into the life of a medical lecturer, having acquaintances or seniors who are also studying medicine will help you, especially if your acquaintance is also studying at the same campus. Don’t hesitate to ask questions to seniors who you can trust. Aside from that, if you just want to take the medical faculty entrance exam, we highly recommend you take gradready courses.

In this way, you will have an overview and will not be too surprised when you start your routine as a medical student. Also, make sure that you contact your acquaintance in the free time he has, lest you seem to bother him.

The more acquaintances you have, the more perspective you will get. If you haven’t found acquaintances at this time, there’s no need to panic and feel pessimistic. When you first become a medical student, you can still make as many acquaintances as you can while adapting to your new environment.

Having acquaintances and building a good relationship with them will help you during your preclinical period. When there are difficulties in academic matters, you can study together.

To facilitate communication and as a medium for sharing information, after the announcement of the names of those who are accepted, a group will be created online WhatsApp or other applications. Don’t be surprised if the group will also serve as an advertising and promotion medium.

Usually, there will be a lot of seniors or seniors who “sell sales” to one of the group members. The items offered will be very diverse, ranging from reference books, medical devices, print out of materials and lecture notes, and so on. All of the course packaged in a tantalizing promotion.

For new students who are still very unfamiliar and lack information, all the items offered will seem important to buy as a provision for college. Most will think that if you don’t buy it right away then you will have a hard time getting through the preclinic. The price of supporting medical studies is not cheap. This is where it is important to consider financial conditions.

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