You Must Pay Attention To these Steps When An Employee Resigns

Employees are valuable assets that must be considered and cannot just be left missing from the company. It is your job to retain employees with the Human Resources programs that you initiated. But there are times when employees have their life plans to leave or resign from the company. You need to give some respect to their decision. Even though resigning employee activities do not become a routine, you still have to pay close attention to them. Additionally, you definitely need to recruit a replacement employee. Therefore, we suggest you use the police check service to see the background of the candidate of an employee that will replace your old one who resigns.

The following are some steps that you should pay attention to when your employee submits a resign:

Ensure Employees Not Deliver Their Intentions Suddenly

Employees must submit a resign of their own volition, and submit it at least 30 days before the date they leave the company. This is of course to give their superiors time to find a replacement for the employee, or at least determine who will hold the employee’s work for a while before re-recruitment.

Helping Employees Complete Resign Requirements

When submitting a resign, employees are only required to bring a letter of resignation which they write themselves and then submit it privately with the employer. For this resignation letter, you as HR do not need to make a special form. Freeing employees to write their reasons for resigning, impressions to superiors, and so on will make the letter more genuine.

Ask Employees to Face Supervisors Directly

When the administrative requirements are complete and the intentions are unanimous, make sure they deliver it directly to the boss. Ask them to bring the resignation letter at once. Not through email or any application. By meeting in person, it could be that their boss has an interesting offer to consider without your prior knowledge. This offer is very dependent on the policy of each employer by looking at the employee data from your report as a consideration. If there is a new agreement related to the offer, make sure the agreement is written by being signed and officially stamped by the authorities, such as your boss and you as HR as well as witnesses.

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