You Must Know The Class Of Your Stock

Many people assume that all shares move together. They are actually different from the assumption, stocks don’t move simultaneously but in certain groups and patterns. The movement of shares is determined by the type of shares purchased, whether the shares you buy are VIP class, Business, Economy, Festival or Zombie. For more details, read this article in full. Additionally, you can also go to if you want to learn more about stock investments.

Think of you as a passenger on the Composite Stock Price Index train, and are buying a specific stock ticket. The stock ticket that you buy can be VIP, Business, Economy, Festival or Zombie classes. The differences in each class are as follows:


VIP class shares are occupied by stable and fundamentally good company shares, such as blue-chip stocks. In general, the average blue-chip stock includes the LQ45 Index occupants. Usually, these shares are nominally high in price. Usually, this stock group moves first compared to other classes. When the Composite Stock Price Index rallies, the VIP class usually moves first. But when the crisis also dropped first. The excess of buying VIP class shares is usually liquid and the risk is smaller if it goes down, it is not too big compared to other class shares.


Business-class shares, usually inhabited by developing stocks. The fundamentals are quite decent but not stable yet. Usually called a second liner stock (second layer). Most Business class shares are also included in the LQ45 Index. The nominal price is usually below the VIP class stock.


Under the Business class, there is an Economy class. This stock group is inhabited by shares whose fundamentals are not too solid. Usually called third-liner stock (third layer). The nominal price is affordable.


This is the rah-rah group. It contains illiquid stocks, questionable fundamentals, high fluctuations, and high risks. The nominal price is usually very low.


This stock group is the most vulnerable. Usually inhabited by troubled stocks, suspended or sleep stock. This stock is the cheapest price.

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