You Must Clean, Store, And Use Your Knife Carefully

In order to prevent contamination in food, be sure to clean the blade immediately after use. If you just leave the knife on the cutting board or in the dishwasher tub, this can be dangerous for others. In addition, the knife can also be contaminated with germs or bacteria. When you train restaurant employees to always be diligent in cleaning knives after use and store them in a storage area, you automatically reduce the risk of accidents and make the kitchen situation more safely under control. A clean knife is also easier to use because food scraps attached to a dirty knife will make the knife more slippery and your restaurant staff cannot use the knife effectively. Meanwhile, if you are interested in Japanese steel knives, we recommend you to check out the Kamikoto.

In order to make your knife stays durable, you should consider how to clean the knife. There are knives that are safe to clean with a dishwasher, but some are not allowed to enter the dishwasher. There are also knives that need to be cleaned thoroughly because there are small parts that can be a hiding place for dirt or food scraps.

In addition to cleaning the knife, make sure your kitchen has a special place to store the knife to be more organized and minimize the number of accidents due to knife stabbing. When the staff does not use knives, it is better to keep the knives in a place far from where the staff prepares food. Don’t just keep the knife in the drawer as it can endanger your restaurant staff and also make the knife break easily. The best knife storage area is to place it in a special beam to store the knife so that its durability is longer.

Finally, you also need to stay focused when you use a knife. The situation of a restaurant kitchen is usually very crowded and busy, but stay focused when you use a knife. If you are distracted by something, stop using a knife first. In this way, you will remain safe as long as you use a knife and your work will remain of high quality.

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