You Must Choose Baby Soap Types Carefully Even If You Buy Famous Brands Often

Judging from its form, there are three types of baby soap in the majority of well-known brands, namely foam, liquid, and solid. Each of these forms has advantages and disadvantages, as well as different levels of ease of use depending on the age of the baby. Choose the brand that best suits your baby’s skin. You can also check out review brand of babies products to ensure the baby’s safety further.

The foam baby soap is recommended for babies who cannot sit up yet. Besides, this breed is also suitable for mothers who often bathe their babies themselves without the help of others. This type is practical to use because the foam comes out easily, it is enough to pump the bottle pump using one hand. Since it has been in the form of foam from the start, this soap can clean the dirt on the baby’s body easily. Thanks to this, this soap is easier to rinse off. However, compared to liquid or solid baby soap, this type of foam tends to be more expensive and might contain more additives.

Liquid baby soap is easier to produce foam than bar soap. However, liquid soap is quite difficult when used only with one hand. This liquid soap is safer to use after the baby can sit up without having to support it with your hands. However, due to its liquid texture, this soap sticks easily to the mouth of the bottle. This can cause mucus or fungus to multiply. Also, rinsing until the baby’s skin is completely clean and rough, takes a long time. Most of these liquid soaps contain weak acids, but some contain bases

Apart from foam soap and liquid soap, the advantages of bar soap are that it contains few additives so that it provides a refreshing effect after bathing. This soap can clean sweat and dirt on the baby’s skin well. Bar soap with good oil quality will also not stick to the skin after cleaning, so it will have minimal irritation. Even so, for babies who have dry skin types, we recommend the non-chemical type. Also, since bar soap can turn alkaline, it is not suitable if you want to use mildly acidic baby soap.

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