You Must Check Out These Tips Before You Enjoy Your Vacation On A Mountain

Aside from rising your adrenaline, the beauty at the top of the mountain and the panoramic expanse of its surroundings can captivate your mind. This makes mountains become tourist destinations in various countries. You can also try to visit the blowing rock if you live near North Carolina, and your group can stay in some blowing rock vacation rentals.

However, before you travel to the mountain, first consider some of the following tips:

Learn the location of the mountain to be climbed

One important preparation before climbing a mountain is to study the terrain and location of your destination mountain. It’s because each mountain has a different hiking trail.

You can learn the location of the climb from various sources on the internet.

Exercise before going up the mountain

Do not underestimate mountain climbing trips. It takes fit stamina and good body condition for a traveler to be able to reach its peak.

It’s a good idea to exercise a few weeks before the climbing day, like jogging. Your obstacles are climbing paths, low oxygen levels, and also cold air.

Provide equipment carefully and precisely

Common equipment that climbers carry is carrier bags, hiking shoes, jackets, folding knives, raincoats, portable cooking equipment, flashlights, whistles, compasses, and first aid kits. If you are camping out on a mountain, don’t forget to bring a mattress, tent and sleeping bag.

You must adjust your carrier bag for the trip The 80 liters carrier bag is suitable for a long trip. Actually, there are two types of cooking equipment for this kind of trip, and they are nesting and Trangia. The difference is that nesting uses a stove with a mini gas hi-cook and if Trangia uses methyl. Just choose it according to your needs!

Problem sleeping bag, it helps you wear a mummy type rather than blanket type. This type of mummy sleeping bag is to follow the body’s groove, shrink in the legs and have a zipper on the edge. This warms you better when you sleep on a mountain.

Register first

You must register to local authority first before you climb the mountain for the sake of your safety. Don’t skip this process, because the officers there will help you if you’ve got problems while you’re on the mountain.

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