You Must Be Aware Of The Sea Conditions When You Fish There

The conditions in the sea affect your fishing there. You need a strong feeling to be able to read the situation and the right conditions in order to determine the time and place to start fishing at sea. Additionally, if you also want to catch striped bass, we suggest you use the best striper fishing reel.

You must consider these conditions when you’re fishing at the sea:


Tidal and low tide times are greatly influenced by the position of the moon and the sun. Tides affect the emergence of ocean currents, the greater the difference between low tides and high tides, we can be sure the higher the currents that emerge. The speed of ocean currents has a large impact on fish activity. This also poses a potential danger if you keep fishing under these conditions. Try to find a place with shallow water conditions and not too large current conditions.

Air pressure

Here many differences of opinion about the effect of air pressure on fish activity. Nevertheless, you must consider this for the sake of your safety. You must fish when the air pressure is normal, and it’s indicated by the cloudy sky.

Water temperature

Fish is a cold-blooded animal. This makes them become sensitive to temperature. When fishing at sea try to condition seawater temperatures under normal circumstances.

Seawater clarity

You must consider the clarity of seawater when you fish there. The amount of waste will cause fish to decrease. The best time is when the seawater is clear and bright blue. The sun also shines very brightly in the middle of the day.

Seawater currents

Know that the flow of seawater is not only influenced by the speed of the wind, especially undercurrent. Like the air, seawater moves from cold temperatures to warmer temperatures. The indicator that can be seen is by using deep-sea fishing techniques whether the tin and the hook touch the seabed or by looking at the slope of the fishing line we are holding, the tilted the stronger the current. Look for locations between the meeting of cold and warm currents usually fish will gather here.

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