You May Try These Great Tips To Take Beautiful Photos For Your ID Cards

We often bet because the photo ID in the driver license, ID card, passport, etc. is not satisfying. In fact, sometimes it often doesn’t look like us. The face looks dull, oily, not fresh, and the hair is messy. Not the photographer’s fault, bro. Come on, follow the following these steps to keep looking beautiful on any ID photo. Meanwhile, you may also use these tips when you wish to make a scannable fake id if you don’t want to get rejected when you visit a night club.

Pay attention to the background of the photo

FYI, for an ID card’s or your driver license’s photo, your birth date specifies the background color of the photo. If even, the photo background will be blue, while the odd number will be red. While for passport/visa photos are usually white. If you already know the background color of your photo, wear a shirt that contrasts with the background so the results are visible.

Choose the natural makeup

Use natural makeup as possible. Wear a concealer on the bottom of the eye to make it look fresh, and matte foundation and powder so that the face doesn’t look shiny when photographed. Sweep the powder to the neck so the skin color doesn’t look different.

Choose a lipstick with light or young colors

Choose a light lipstick or lip gloss so your lips don’t look pale and dull. Don’t forget to flex your lashes.

Trim your hair

Trim your hair before taking it. If you are bad hair day, choose an easy way. For example, long hair is simply tied with a ponytail, while short hair can be trimmed with hair gel, the most important part of the ear visible on the camera.

Find the right angle for a good photo

Before the photo, find out first at your best home angle. The goal is that the face does not look too chubby or strange when photographed. Don’t forget to smile so that your face doesn’t look tense. We are allowed to smile, really, in a photo for your ID card.

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