You Can Do These 10 Things With Buttons Of Some Headphones

In the headphone you can find 3 buttons, volume up (+), volume down (-) and Center button. This third button turns out to have many functions that are certainly cool to try and useful for you. Additionally, if you want to buy an affordable headphone, we recommend you to buy the best noise cancelling headphones under 100.

You can try to do these 10 cool things on some headphone’s buttons:

1. Activate Siri

By pressing and holding the middle button (center) you can activate Siri. This can be done by iPhone 4S users and above.

2. Take a Photo

After running the Camera app, you can press the “+” or volume-up button on your headphones to take photos. This feature exists for iOS 5 and above.

3. Pause / Play Music or Video

By pressing the Center button, you can play or pause the music that is currently playing.

4. Skip to the next song / next chapter

By pressing the Center button twice quickly, you can immediately play the next song in the playlist.

5. Playback the previous song / go to the previous chapter

To play the previous song, you can press the Center button three times.

6. Fast Forward the currently playing song

To fast forward the song currently playing, you can press the center button twice, then press and hold on the second press.

7. Rewind the song

To playback, the song currently playing, press the Center button on your headphones three times and press and hold on the third press until you get to the part of the song you want.

8. Respond to an Incoming Call or End a Conversation

When you receive a call, you can press the Center button to answer the call. When done, you can press the Center button to end the call.

9. Reject Incoming Calls

To reject an incoming call, you need to press and hold the Center button for at least 2 seconds.

10. Change the Call

When you are on a call and you get an incoming call, you can press the Center button once to change the conversation to the new caller. to end the call with this new user, you can press the Center button for at least 2 seconds.

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