Why Games Of Thrones Disappointed A Lot Of Fans

Games Of Thrones was the biggest and the most loved TV series of all time. It starts so well but it ends so badly as a TV series. It’s all started with the unexpected ending of the S1E1 when Jamie throws Bran from the peak of the tower in the Winterhold. However, with the endings that people have watched in the last season, so many fans have been a disappointment since the day Arya Stark stabbed The Night King with the punny knife trick. It’s actually can be a cool thing, but it’s just executed badly. Aside from that, there are other reasons that made so many fans disappointed with the last season and its ending.

Here is the list of things that bring the hate to the ending of this series:

Night King is defeated by Arya’s knife trick

It’s actually a cool concept, it’s just feel rushed, and the way Arya killed a very fearsome villain like Night King is very anticlimactic. Even some fans on the internet have made their own version of ways Arya assassinated the Night King, and one of them is by Arya disguising herself as one of the White Walkers and get a chance to get close to the King himself, and she manages to do it in one way or another. Furthermore, it will be cool if the Night King blows Arya’s cover and a serious fight happens in front of Bran, and Night King is either seriously injured or killed in a more cinematic way.

The characters go against their own words

Daenerys said she won’t rule with violence just like his father, but she burned the innocent people instead. The alliance against the dead planned not to fight the walkers in an open area, but they sent their Dothraki to face off against them in the open area instead. Furthermore, there are a lot of other characters that go against their own words that made this show loses its charm.

It ends too quickly

We all know that every series must come to an end, but GOT ends too quickly and it is left behind a lot of things unanswered and a lot of fans are not satisfied with the ending because of it.

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