What Dry Clean Is

Of you have suits or clothes made of wool, it is recommended to dry clean the clothes instead of washing them regularly. Dry cleaning is a professional washing service that we may need to wash clothes made from soft or formal suits belonging to the family. This dry cleaning activity is carried out at the washing center. Dry wash lavanderia is one of the services available for you who want to dry clean your clothes. Because it was done at the laundry place therefore we cannot see the process directly. This might make you not understand how to wash clothes with the dry cleaning method. The main reason this process is called dry cleaning is that it does not use water, but that does not mean the washing process is completely dry.

When you bring your clothes to a dry cleaning service, the first thing they do is overcome the stains first with chemicals, just like you do at home. Then, the clothes are put into a machine that is shaped like a front opening washing machine, complete with a mechanism to move and rotate the clothes. Liquid solvents such as perchloroethylene are then sprayed on all parts of the garment during spinning. Then the clothes are dried in the same machine. Some dry cleaning services continue the washing process by doing post spotting or cleaning the stain after washing that aims to overcome the stains that are remaining or missed.

Usually, the dry cleaning process will use a combination of steam, vacuum, and chemical equipment to do this. In the last stage, clothes are ironed and folded before being put into the plastic to protect them from dust. Always check the care label on clothing before deciding to wash or bring it to a dry cleaning service. If the label contains “dry clean only” information, it is safer to wash it with dry cleaning.

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