What Are Computer Vision And Image Processing?

Image processing manages images, only computer vision goes deeper, where a model is made to be able to recognize an image. Meanwhile, image processing has the main task of only processing images. Sometimes many are confused about the difference between image processing and computer vision models. Computer Vision uses artificial intelligence to “see” and interpret visual data in the use of cameras, edge servers, or the cloud.

Quoted from the IBM website, computer vision is an area of artificial intelligence (AI) that authorizes computers and systems to derive significant information from digital images, video, and other visual information — and take action or make guidance based on that knowledge. Computer vision functions almost the same as human vision, except that humans had a start.

Human vision has the advantage of a lifetime context to train how to distinguish objects, how far away they are, whether they are moving, and whether something is wrong in an image. Computer vision trains a machine to perform these functions, but it must do them in much less time with cameras, data, and algorithms than the retina, optic nerve, and visual cortex. Because systems trained to inspect products or monitor production assets can analyze thousands of products or processes in a minute, noticing unseen defects or problems, they can quickly outpace human capabilities.

Computer vision problems seem simple because they are easily solved by people, even very young children. Nevertheless, it remains largely an unsolved problem both based on a limited understanding of biological vision and because of the complexity of the perception of vision in a dynamic and nearly infinitely varied physical world. Image processing is a form of signal processing or processing with the input in the form of an image (image) and transformed into another image as the output with certain techniques. Besides being able to capture images, computers that use computer vision systems can also analyze the next process. It can be saved automatically, or get the next command as desired.

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