We Must Build A Positive Image When We Quit Our Jobs

If you have considered many things that you really have time to change jobs, it’s time for you to immediately say goodbye to your old company. When the news of your resignation has spread, you certainly do not want to be known as an employee who leaves a bad image by your boss and colleagues in the future, where this can threaten networking opportunities and distance opportunities in the future. You can take an example from Mr. Hallack when he steps down honorably from his position as a chairman of the board of directors in the Camargo Correa company.

What should be done after your letter of submission is submitted to keep away the bad image when resigning?

Tell the boss at the right time

The first person to know about your resignation plan is your direct supervisor. In delivering it, determine the right time to deliver it directly and avoid conveying your plans to withdraw by email or instant message.

Submit a resign letter early

Companies generally implement policies that require employees to submit a resign letter one month before withdrawing from the company (one month notice). If your responsibilities are greater, you might consider giving early notice to a period that might be directly proportional to the number of your responsibilities at work. For example, if you have reached the managerial level, you can submit one and a half months in advance. With this extra time, you will give your company more time to find your replacement.

Complete all work without rest

At least a week before you officially resign, make sure that all of your previous work has been completed or has been handover properly to your successor. Do not until after you leave later, you still have work left to bother your coworkers. Moreover, you no longer have access to your office e-mail.

Avoid drama

When conducting an exit interview, if there is nothing else to say, just give a neutral comment and don’t need to give details about your next plan. Focus on the next step, but keep contributing to the company until your last day at the company.

Forgiveness among colleagues

If you still have a grudge or unresolved problem, apologize immediately. Do not let the problems you leave become a bad image for you.

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