Use Of Medicine Plant Ayahuasca To Relieve Your Pain

It is safe to use this plant medicine blend on condition that you do this right. Today, it is possible to purchase the main ingredients of the sacred ayahuasca drink, В. caapi and P. Viridis, on the Internet. Yet, having experience with ayahuasca without going through a proper ceremony under the supervision of an experienced spiritual healer may be dangerous. While ayahuasca should not be really considered a drug, it is prepared from plant medicines that have chemicals capable of interacting with different medications. Therefore, it is important to take into account all contraindications to take it safely.

Also, you should be properly prepared for ayahuasca experience, which includes refraining from the use of different substances and foods, such as red meat, nicotine, alcohol, and others. A range of side effects are caused by ayahuasca, and it is crucial to know how to deal with them. The presence of a shaman during the ceremonies with ayahuasca is crucial. Not everyone is capable of working with ayahuasca. Authentic shamans are descendants of the tribes that have been living in the Peruvian Amazon Basin and practicing ayahuasca ceremonies for thousands of years. They know how to brew the ayahuasca drink and which doses to give you. Thus, they will guide you through the entire healing process.

The Shipibo shamans come with an ancient tribe from the Amazon Rainforest. They possess a deep knowledge of different plant medicines that can be used for healing. It is not only ayahuasca but also San Pedro and many other plants. At our center, you’ll meet those authentic shamans. A range of studies with ayahuasca was conducted, and they proved ayahuasca to be a safe and effective brew for people if used correctly. All in all, if you wish to take advantage of the powers of the sacred plant medicines, you should do this through an ayahuasca ceremony led by an authentic curandero for more info visit

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