Understand The Function Of The Use Of Electrical Insulation

The use of electrical insulation, this is very much needed in conducting electrical installations. Where in this case you must be able to have good and proper electrical insulation. For those of you who have problems with doing abandoned cable removal, then you need to understand first how to do it or to make it easier you can use professional services. While talking about electrical insulation, this turns out to have many functions. Which of the many functions of electrical insulation, we will mention and explain 3 functions of electrical insulation. The first can prevent a short circuit between the electrical cable connections. So in this case, when you repair electrical cables at home and after the copper parts are connected, of course you need a cable wrapper that can coat the cables between one cable and another so that when there is a touch between the cable connections, especially the neutral part with the phase, there is no short circuit. .

The second function is that it can be used to inhibit the absorption of rainwater. So if there is a wet condition on the cable connection due to rain, it can certainly cause an electrical short with the release of thick smoke, this is of course very dangerous. Therefore it is necessary to use electrical insulation to inhibit the absorption of rainwater. The third, inhibits the occurrence of sparks. For this, when you make a cable connection that is not tight and the load of electricity consumption is large, it will result in sparks and an unstable voltage. However, using electrical insulation can certainly reduce the level of sparks.

The fourth function is that it can prevent you from being electrocuted by the electric current you are installing. So when connecting the power cord, don’t let it touch your skin directly.

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