Top 5 Workspace Designs In Apartments For Freelance Workers

The design of the workspace in an apartment has a close relationship with one’s productivity level. Just like the relationship between workers and office space. At least research has proven that. Therefore, creating a comfortable workspace, for you freelance workers who decide to work from an apartment, you absolutely must do it. With the Lentor Modern, you can get attractive offers to get an apartment with a workspace design as you wish!

In the following, there are several designs that you can imitate and that is perfect for you freelance workers, for example:

1. Minimalist workspace with sufficient sun exposure
Several studies have shown that exposure to sunlight from outside can increase work productivity. Also, working in dim light can be detrimental to the health of your eyes as well as your body. So you should choose a workspace that is exposed to direct sunlight or you can arrange it near a window.

2. Utilizing a high ceiling for the mezzanine workspace design
If your one north eden price apartment has high ceilings, then you can take advantage of it by making a mezzanine space as a place to work. Although it will require quite a lot of renovation budget, but trust me this kind of small space will come in very handy.

3. Workspace with a dividing partition
Apart from being difficult to resist the urge to lie down, another obstacle often felt by freelance workers when working in apartments is interference from other family members. Of course, calls between work times or the overly boisterous atmosphere of the family talk will make it difficult for you to focus on work.

4. Workspace in the corner of the room
To provide a comfortable workspace in an apartment for freelance workers, you don’t always have to have a special room. Because things like that are difficult to realize if the condition of your apartment is small or limited in size.

5. Workspace with hanging cabinet
You need to know, hanging cabinets or floating shelves can give a broad impression and not many properties take up space. A shelf like this usually serves to store books, stationery, folders, or just a room decoration. So that you can reach it more easily, just make sure the hanging shelves are not too high. That way, when you need something you don’t have to bother pulling a chair or climbing stairs to get it.

Choosing an apartment as property in One North Eden can be your best choice to get a comfortable workspace for you.

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