Tips for Preserving Fresh Flowers for the Longest Time

A bouquet of fresh flowers is guaranteed to brighten your day and bring a splash of color to your environment, whether you decide to give them as a present, decide to treat yourself, or purchase them from your neighborhood Today Flowers as a flower delivery service. Flowers often only last one week before turning bad, but with proper care, they can keep fresh for seven to twelve days. These straightforward tips will extend the life of your flowers’ color and health by up to a week.

Remove the Stems
Remove at least an inch of the stem’s end by making a 45-degree cut. You can improve the blooms’ ability to absorb water and prevent them from wilting by making a slanted cut at the stem’s base. Re-trim the stems every few days to keep them tidy and your blossoms hydrated.

Select the Proper Vase
To prevent your flowers from wilting more quickly, make sure your vase is big enough to hold them without crowding them. If you don’t have a vase large enough to carry your bouquet, think about adding a few petals to a smaller vase or mason jar to make sure all of your flowers have enough space.

Feast On Your Flowers
If you don’t have flower food, fill the vase with 14 cups of clear soda or a solution made of 1 teaspoon of sugar and 2 teaspoons of lemon or lime juice. To nourish the flowers and give them a somewhat sweeter scent, these mixes offer the ideal ratio of carbs and acidifiers.

Keep the Vase Spotless
Make sure the vase is clean before adding the flowers, remove any wilted flowers from the bouquet, and strain away any floating leaves, petals, or other debris to prevent the formation of bacteria. Your flowers’ leaves may fall into the vase later if they are not pruned.

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