Tips For Learning English Easily And Quickly

In this highly sophisticated era, you also need to learn foreign languages, especially English. International languages are needed in a variety of conditions, for example, when having meetings with clients, presentations, even job interviews. To reach a certain position in the work also usually must meet the test criteria in English, such as TOEFL, IELTS, and even a2 level english test.

Learning English is not difficult, what is needed most is perseverance and great intention. Here are some tips to make learning English easier and faster.

1. Watch movies without subtitles
It can be started with something easy as well as fun, like watching a movie without including subtitles. It might be difficult at the beginning of trying, but if you are used to it will feel easier.

2. Make a dictionary containing vocabulary
Writing vocabulary independently can be an alternative to learning English faster. Because when you record a new vocabulary, you also remember the new vocabulary. Recording new vocabulary can be done anywhere, such as books, notepads, or even your cellphone.

3. Listen to songs in English and memorize the lyrics
Another exciting way is to listen to new songs in English. This way you will get more new vocabulary.

4. Diligently talking to strangers
Learning English quickly can be done by talking to strangers directly, this also applies to chat via mobile. In this way, you learn to speak while listening.

5. Self-study via video on YouTube or Podcast
Take advantage of the sophistication of today’s technology, for example, through Youtube or Podcast. Learning online and independently is easy to do. There will be many channels that provide free online English language learning and testing on Youtube and Podcasts.

6. Read a book or write
By reading a book you will add a lot of new vocabulary. By writing you learn new vocabulary and develop it better. Keep writing because by writing you will quickly become fluent in learning English.

7. English course
Another way to learn English is to take an English course. Lots of English language course providers. Here you will learn from small to large and also the basics of learning English.

However, all the tips above must be followed by a strong determination and perseverance in learning English.

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