Tips for Downloading Free Games Safely

Basically, we are not recommended to download everything that is found for free. Or just open a link that promises free stuff. Because something that looks free can still hurt you in various ways. We will share some tips on how to choose teen patti game safely.

1. Download games from trusted sources
Today, more and more gaming platforms emerge every year: the dominant position of the Steam market has prompted Origin, uPlay, Epic Games Store, and others to try to develop their own services. And many independent developers want to sell games directly on their own sites to avoid paying a sales commission to the store. Therefore, some gamers have become accustomed to the idea that there is no harm in downloading games directly from random websites, even if they have never visited them. Sorting through the various offers can be confusing, it’s a situation like this that scammers on the internet exploit.

For example, scammers lure gamers to phishing sites, where they distribute malware that looks like the latest game or to be played for free, such as the famous Fortnite. So, if you are asked to download something from an unknown site, never fall into that trick. Also, never click on links from strangers. Because one click on the URL can download some dangerous stuff.

2. Enter the game store address manually in the browser
Links that claim to lead to the official site will not necessarily take you there. If someone writes a post on a forum claiming that you can download a free Battlefield collection from the original store, be careful before entering your username and password on any page that the link opens. The site may be fake, then hosted at an address very similar to the real shop. These hackers want to collect login information and hijack your account. In general, even if an offer on a forum seems unsuspecting, it can still be a scam. It is best to use the game store’s official client or manually enter the URL in the browser’s address bar.

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