Three Good Reasons to Deep Clean Your Carpets This Summer

The summer season has finally arrived! The season for being outside, grilling, and swatting pesky mosquitoes off your arms and legs! Do you know what else this season is for? Cleaning the carpets. Yes, we did say it. Summer, believe it or not, is the best time of year to do a thorough deep carpet cleaning with carpet cleaning. We know you just finished your spring cleaning, but here are some reasons why you’re not finished yet! click here.

1. You took advantage of the spring weather by leaving your windows open. Don’t worry, we’re all guilty of it. When the weather is nice in the spring, we like to open the windows and let the breezes blow through the house. Unfortunately, it also scatters a lot of pollen around the house. And if you live in Memphis, Tennessee, you know that pollen season hasn’t ended yet. This means that the lovely carpets and area rugs you walk on every day at home are essentially huge pollen traps that release pollen back into your indoor air with every step. It’s only this time of year.

2. Schools are closed for the summer. Your home will see a lot more foot traffic during the summer, with kids running around and having fun with friends. And, let’s be honest, whatever dirt and mud (and who knows what else) you’re cleaning off their clothes, there’s at least 20 times more of it on the bottom of their shoes from their sun-soaked adventures. The point is that they’re bringing it in and pushing it into your rugs.

3. It’s a typical beach vacation. Summer is the official beach vacation season due to the warm weather, water temperatures, and the fact that schools are out. What effect does a beach vacation have on your carpets at home? Sand. Anyone who has ever been to a beach knows that sand gets everywhere, stays in your hair, and is nearly impossible to completely shake off of those towels. Sand is similar to glitter in that once it’s on you, you’ll be looking for it for weeks. Consider how much sand is in your carpet after a short weekend trip. Worst of all? The abrasive sand wears down the carpet fibers. As a result, the longer it stays there, the more wear and tears it causes on your lovely rugs.

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