This Is the Importance of Images in an SEO Content

A website owned by a company is obviously an important thing. However, no matter how good the website is if it is not visited by many people it will be a bad and useless website. For that, there are now SEO that can help you in bringing lots of visitors to your business website. That way, the more potential customers will buy the product or service that you offer. No wonder if more and more people end up choosing SEO Singapore to get the SEO they need.

An SEO also certainly needs content for marketing. Content can be articles or videos. For content in the form of articles, it would be better if you add images in it. There is a reason why you have to put an image on the content.

1. Images will attract attention
One of the common reasons for including images in your blog content is because images can easily attract the attention of visitors’ eyes from other than images. It’s no secret if someone sees an interesting picture, then thinking about the person will continue to remember the picture for a while even for a long time, therefore, it is highly recommended to add visual effects to the blog if you want the traffic of your blog visitors to increase.

2. Images can increase your blog ranking
in SEO Practices this has also been explained frequently, images can be very petrifying to improve blog rankings, in addition to attracting many visitors. You only need to optimize the quality and objectivity of your images and add ALT text and descriptions to the images in your blog content.

3. Images can increase Share on Social Media
Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr are the main general social media platforms that are still being discussed by everyone, and you need to know that the reason behind the success of these social media platforms is that they always prioritize images of anything. If you share your blog on social media platforms and Include Images in Blog Content with high-quality images, it easily attracts visitors.

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