This Is The Difference Between Blenders And Juicers

Eating fruits and vegetables must not only be cut and then eaten immediately. The development of technology to fruit and vegetables can now be enjoyed by looking for others such as processing it into juices and smoothies. Making juices and smoothies can be done using a juicer and blender. Although they sound similar, these two tools have different advantages and benefits in destroying vegetables and fruit. Meanwhile, if you want to buy a juicer, we suggest you read some of the best juicer reviews first.

Nutrition experts from Southeast Asia, Jansen Ongko explains the difference in processing fruits and vegetables between using a juicer and a blender from a nutritional perspective.

“Between blenders and juicers, each serves different needs. It does not mean there are pluses and minuses, but it has benefits and is intended for different things,” Jansen said.

Juicers destroy fruit and vegetables to get their water content and remove the pulp. While the blender smoothes fruit and vegetables without any part wasted.

According to Jansen, this difference in results affects the fiber content in fruits and vegetables. In fruits and vegetables that use a juicer, the remaining fiber content is only soluble fiber, while insoluble fiber is in the pulp of fruits or vegetables.

Jansen stated that it does not mean losing fiber and its benefits, only insoluble fiber. The processed product in the juicer still has fiber, which is soluble fiber and is beneficial for health,

Despite losing fiber, the juice content of fruit and vegetables is beneficial for people who have certain needs. Like, good for children who are just introduced to taste, people who have difficulty chewing, people who lose appetite, and people with digestive problems.

He added that the juicer can be a solution, especially for people who have digestive problems and may not have too much fiber.

The use of a juicer, according to Jansen, is also beneficial to enjoy fruit with an unpleasant or bitter taste like beets.

On the other hand, Jansen said some fruits have certain characteristics and are only suitable to be processed with a blender or juicer. Fruit with a lot of water content is suitable to use a juicer, while solid fruit is better to use a blender.

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