This Is How To Repair Laptop’s Full RAM and Freezing Startup Process

Some of the laptop damages are easily repaired, some are difficult. Problems with difficult answers make it more difficult to repair the laptop as well. Therefore, you must know some of the most common problems with laptops.

For damage to the laptop itself, there are 2 types of them. such as:

1. Broken system

2. Damaged component

For damaged components, how to repair it is certainly much more difficult. In some cases, the damaged component must even be replaced with a new one.

For system damage, sometimes it’s easy to repair but sometimes it’s not. However, if the damage is only on Windows, then it’s easy.

Well, in this article, we will share with you some specific tips regarding problems with RAM and a problem when the laptop starts up, such as:

The laptop RAM is full

This problem happens mostly in laptop users as well as PC users whose RAM capacity is small. This full RAM problem is quite annoying because it will slow down the laptop’s performance.

Some reasons for these problems are:

The RAM capacity is too small.
Incompatible operating system.
The wrong use of the software.
There are too many application programs installed in the laptop.
The laptop has a virus infection.

Solution: Don’t immediately consider upgrading RAM. Even large RAM capacities will be full if they are not optimized.

For how to optimize: Please delete some of the applications that have been installed. Disable applications that are not needed in Msconfig / task manager. Use your antivirus to scan for viruses. In the worst-case scenario, you need to reinstall your laptop.

Laptop freezes during the startup process

This damage is different from the slow laptop problem. A laptop that hangs or freezes during the startup process is often to be found on old laptops.

Some reasons for this problem are:

1. Too many applications run during the startup process.
2. Too many junk files.
3. The hard disk is weak.

How to fix it:

Please disable applications that you don’t need in the MSConfig or task manager. Applications that run too much at startup will slow down the laptop when it starts.

Too many junk files can also be the cause of the laptop hangs, especially if the hard disk space on the system is full.

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