This Is How To Maintain Your PC and Its Casing

Nowadays the use of computers / PCs is very increasing, both in government and non-government circles. As a fellow computer user, I want to give you a few tips for you to keep your computer healthy and well maintained. Meanwhile, if you want to know more tips or news about hardware, we recommend you to visit Tec101.

Now here are some tips on maintaining and caring for a PC properly and correctly that we get from trusted sources:

PC maintenance steps

Pc care includes the following:

Clean the dust and dirt on the surface of the computer
Clean the lubricant into the fan dynamo
Clean the keyboard and mouse
Clean the dust from the Casing
Clean the dust contained in the ports
Perform pc maintenance

Before doing pc maintenance, you should do the following:

Turn off the PC and monitor

Unplug the power grid from the power company
Leave the PC for about 20-30 minutes so that the PC gets colder and the electricity stored in the electronic components of the PC is reduced.

After doing the three things, remove all the connectors connected to the PC port, then take the PC out of the room to clean the dust. Place the PC in a clean, dry place. Use a mat in the form of carpet, cardboard, or board so that the PC does not directly touch the ground/floor.

The steps to clean a PC case are as follows:

To clean the outside PC, use a soft, clean and dry lab, a dust lab attached to the body of the casing. If there are stains/dirt that is difficult to be labeled, dip the lab in warm water, then clean the dirt carefully.

To clean the casing ventilation holes, use a mini vacuum cleaner. Also, clean the inside that opens the fan in the ventilation holes (if any) then clean the dust with a brush or mini vacuum cleaner.

To clean the port on the back of the casing, use a mini vacuum cleaner. Dust that adheres to the port can disrupt connections and the performance of devices connected to that port.

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