Things to know about choosing the right sized condom

Are condoms safe? Such this question we often hear. Buying condom although at condom stores can be a daunting thing because there must be some important factors to put on a list. Yes, you may not forget to ask questions related to your consideration. To get the right condom, you just need to invest your time in shopping around whether or not you have the idea for online purchase. From convenience stores to supermarkets, we can buy condoms at most places that sell essentials.

How much money should I prepare to get the best quality condom? The price range may vary depending on the type of condom and its quality. As you can explore through the internet, the latex is least expensive over some condom type. Is condom t expensive for you? Perhaps you just need to continue your research and find the right store to make the purchase. Some online stores even offer free shipping, which means that you can save your money.

How can I find the right size? Yes, size is important when choosing condom. We can’t deny that the size of the condom is one of so many things to pay attention when choosing the right one. The shape of condom and package integrity must be another consideration to keep in mind as other factors that you already consider before. Men are worried about the size of their penis. Most of them sure that the length of the condom plays the most important role. Have you ever thought that it is not such a good idea? Well, the size of the condom is measured by a penis girth, so you may not make the mistake when choosing the right sized condom. For the standard condom, the length is 18-21cm but it means absolutely nothing. A too big condom will slip off. It can even get stuck in the vagina of your spouse. On the other hand, a too small condom can break very easily.

To know the size of the condom, you can do a measurement by involving:

– The use of paper stripe
– Make a measurement at the shaft base
– Measure the penis right in the middle
– Write down the measurement results

It is also good to ask your loved one to find the right sized condom. It will impact on the comfort of both your spouse and you. If you don’t want to make any mistake, nothing compromise to choose the right condom although it may take time.

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