These Records And Functions Exist In A Good Bookkeeping Service

Simple bookkeeping contains all the financial statements of a company. For companies, the bookkeeping of micro, small, to medium businesses is very crucial. That is because from bookkeeping simply you can monitor or see to what extent the company benefits, how well the company’s performance, you can also assess how well control of the flow of funds in the company, also see how well the values of company assets, the value of company liquidity, as well as the ability to handle all debt and debt responsibilities. Meanwhile, if you also want to hire an expert bookkeeper so you can focus on running your business, we recommend you to hire the best bookkeeper perth.

Usually, a simple bookkeeping service that is said to be complete contains the following financial statements:

Statement of Changes in Equity.
Comprehensive income statement.
Financial position statement: cash flow statement or fund flow statement.
Other reports and explanatory material are an integral part of the financial statements themselves.

Each company certainly has a different field, then, of course, a simple bookkeeping company made tailored to the needs of the company itself.

However, simple bookkeeping generally includes:

Expense log.
Notebook entry.
Main cash book/cash flow.
Inventory book.
Goods inventory book.
Income book.

If there are other types of bookkeeping that the company needs in addition to the list above, it is fine to make it because the more complete the simple bookkeeping you have, the better it will be for the health of your company.

5 Simple Bookkeeping Functions

A simple report that is made completely and accurately has a function that can certainly benefit the company. Here are 5 important functions of simple bookkeeping for companies:

1. A tool to periodically monitor the growth and development of a company.
2. Tools to increase the company’s financial profit to the maximum.
3. Simple bookkeeping which incidentally is a summary of the office’s financial statements is one of the requirements for applying for a loan and can even get investors.
4. A tool to detect if there is fraud within the company that has the potential to make the company go bankrupt.
5. It can be a tool when companies want to pay taxes.

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