These Are Beginner’s Tips To Play 2D Battle Royale Games

Battle Royale is the most video game genre today. Almost every game developer tries to make their own version of the battle royale game since the success of PUBG and Fortnite. However, some people might find it hard to play such a game if they have potato-spec PC. Fortunately, now people can play a 2D battle royale game, and you can check out some of the free games at run 3 unblocked games. However, it’s actually quite different from the standard 3D battle royale games. You might need some tips to play this game properly so you won’t get killed too often as a beginner.

Here are some tips for beginners to play 2D battle royale games:

Understand that every 2D battle royale game can be different

Some games follow the concept of PUBG where there are levels of items and weapons. Some of them only have a few kinds of weapons and there are no levels among those weapons. You must understand this first before you play the game, so you know whether it’s good to keep your current weapon or switch it with the better one.

Learn the control first

Although usually W, A, S, D buttons on your keyboard are the main buttons to move around just like in FPS games, some 2D browser battle royale games might have different settings. It’s better for you to read the instructions first so you know the right buttons to do certain actions such as moving, shooting, and picking up items.

Watch the edges of your screen

It’s because of 2D battle royale games have over the top view, you can expect enemies to pop up from the outside of your screen. Keep your eyes on the edges of your screen if you don’t want to suffer from surprise attacks.

Watch bushes and buildings

Bushes and buildings can be used by you and other players as places to hide. Therefore, you must approach them with caution, even if you are in serious need of weapons and items.

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