There Are Ways To Choose Yarns For Knitting

Yarn is a long fiber that is used to make various kinds of sewing products, textile fabrics, woven fabrics, crochet, to knitting. To make your own knitted products, there are various types of knitting yarns that have their own uniqueness and special features. Meanwhile, if you also need an excellent tool to tidy up your yarn, we recommend you to buy the best bobbin winder.

In order not to choose the wrong one, it is better if you pay attention first to the discussion about tips on choosing a good and correct knitting yarn:

Thread Size and Shape

Adjust the size and shape of the yarn to your needs. Because knitting yarn itself is generally available in two variations, there are ball-shaped yarns & some are in the form of spools of yarn. Depending on the yarn material to be used.

Yarn Material

The yarn used for knitting can generally be found in various types of fiber materials. Starting from animal fibers such as lambswool that are warm and can store heat well, plant fibers such as linen or cotton that are strong and very soft, to artificial fibers such as polyester or nylon that are commonly used to make baby clothes.

Cotton yarn is a knitting yarn made from natural fibers (cotton). This yarn is a common thread used by beginners who are just learning to knit. Cotton yarn is cool, lightweight and has many color variations. Cotton yarn can be used to make various kinds of embroidery. The cotton yarn has one color and has a color gradation. Yarn that has a gradation color is commonly called a blown yarn. Another type of cotton yarn is fine Balinese cotton yarn (jasmine), imported cotton yarn.

Apart from cotton yarn, Minlon Yarn is a knitting yarn similar to Kinlon yarn. This yarn is a soft cotton thread. Because of its mild and gentle nature, it is suitable for use as a material for making scarves, amigurumi, and clothes.

Aside from that, Kinlon cotton yarn is a kind of knitting yarn with minlon cotton yarn. Even this yarn is suitable for making scarves because it expands and is warm when it hits the body.

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