There Are Several Types Of T-Shirts That People Commonly Wear

T-shirts are one of the most used types of T-shirts used by people because besides looking simple, these T-shirts also have smooth material so they are very suitable for use in the hot weather during the summer season. This type of shirt can be combined with Blazer, Denim Jacket, Bomber Jacket, and others. The T-shirt itself is still divided into several types, namely O-Neck, V-Neck, and U-Neck. Meanwhile, if you only want to wear unique T-shirts, we suggest you try to order some custom t shirts cheap.

The following information about several types of T-shirts:

1. O-Neck

This type of shirt is the type that may be owned by everyone, this shirt is called O-Neck because it has a neck hole that resembles the letter O.

2. V-Neck

This shirt is called a V-Neck shirt because it has a neck hole resembling the letter V, this V shape is formed from two ribs that meet at an angle above the chest.

3. U-Neck

This shirt is called a U-Neck shirt because it has a hole in the neck resembling the letter U, actually this shirt is a mixture of O-Neck and V-Neck type shirts.


This type of shirt is actually not much different from normal T-shirts but the difference is in the arms, usually, Raglan shirts have different colors on the sleeves, and Raglan shirts also have short, long, and ¾ long sleeves. And this shirt is very suitable if paired with jeans.

Ringer Tee

This type of shirt has a circle like a ring that surrounds each hole of the hand and neck, this shirt is very good to wear because it does not need to wear outer like a jacket, this shirt can already give a good impression on the wearer. This type of shirt is suitable if paired with chino pants or khaki pants.

Pocket Tee

This type of shirt is almost the same as a T-shirt, only it has a ¬Pocket or bag on the chest, this shirt will be good if paired with jeans.


This type of shirt is a type of shirt that resembles the type of Polo but does not have a collar, and this type of shirt has a casual impression and will be very good if combined with a blazer.

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