There Are 4 Easy Ways To See The Difference Between Sweaters And Sweatshirts

Sweaters and sweatshirts at a glance like two words and the same two things. However, if traced from its meaning, it turns out that two suitable fashion items are worn when the weather is cold you know. Here are four easy ways to distinguish between sweaters and sweatshirts. Meanwhile, if you want to order sweatshirts with your original design, we suggest you try the sweatshirt maker.


By definition, sweaters are tops that are usually knitted. At the beginning of making, this sweater serves to warm the wearer’s body by covering both arms and body parts. Meanwhile, sweatshirt when first designed is to make the wearer’s body sweat and tends to be somewhat loose.

The main ingredient

Because it is knitted, of course, sweaters tend to be soft and elastic. In the past, sweaters were usually made of wool – so besides being warm, the texture was very soft. However, not a few also sweaters that are now circulating are made of other materials such as cotton or polyester. Of course, sweatshirts can be made from cotton, polyester, or even fleece. However, because the way of making it is different, then the soft texture of this sweatshirt is on the inside – so it does not cause irritation when there is sweat attached.

The design

By design, this sweater and sweatshirt are actually the same; both of which could have the front part opened. For example, for a sweater that can be opened the front usually uses buttons or even no hook at all. Two kinds of sweaters like that are commonly called cardigans, while the front is not open is called a jumper.

For sweatshirt whose front can be opened tend to use a zipper. Not a few also designed sweatshirts with the additional hood so that this sweatshirt changed its name to the hoodie.

When and in what situations should it be worn?

Never wear a sweatshirt to a formal event because you will look dumb, besides its main function is worn for sports, it can indeed give the impression of sportiness that is more suitable to wear when going to informal events such as hanging out with your friends. Pair with tracksuit pants and sneakers, then you are ready to chill!

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