The Secret Behind 5 Classic Magic Tricks

Magic techniques can always make the audience stunned and wonder, how can magicians perform these tricks? However, no magic technique uses magical power. Although it looks dangerous, in truth, every magic trick that involves other people in its performance has security that has been practiced many times. There are also simple but very entertaining magic tricks as shown by the magician gold coast.

Magicians only use certain techniques to make a magic show look amazing. Not infrequently, the techniques are very simple. Here are the magic techniques behind the magic show that will blow your mind.

1. Splitting people’s bodies
Almost everyone who has witnessed a magic show is stunned when the magician can split a woman’s body when it is inserted into a crate. But apparently, the magician has two assistants who go into a chest that can be split into two.

2. Splitting money with a pencil
Some time ago, David Copperfield showed that he could as if splitting folded money with a pencil. But after looking again, the money was not torn. Then, it turned out that he was using a pencil that had been split open with a strong magnet in between, so the bills could pass through the pencil easily.

3. Levitation
This magic trick is very popular for street magicians. But it turns out they have a hidden buffer to support the action. They are in the right place so that the support is completely covered by their cane or staff. They even have other extra support under their clothes.

4. The glass disappears behind the cloth
The magician places the glass on the table, covers it with a cloth and when the cloth is opened, the glass disappears. The trick is to sew the wire in the cloth so that it looks as if the glass is still behind the cloth. Then, the magician also made a hole in the table to hide the glass that seemed to disappear.

5. Human zigzag
The trick to making humans zigzag is to position the body as closely as possible with an upright body position.

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