The Right Company Souvenir For Budget Savings

Company souvenirs are simple objects that we usually find everyday which is then customized into promotional media. Here are some company souvenirs from that we can make with a super-efficient budget.

1. Sticker
This one company souvenir production costs at most only hundreds of rupiah per pcs. But when it was spread and many people put it on it, so much was the promotional media. And interestingly it could be not only the recipient who saw the sticker, but also the people around him. Stickers are usually posted in various places ranging from doors, vehicle bodies, glass, cupboards, laptops and many others. Important tips for using stickers as corporate souvenirs are interesting designs and concepts. So that the recipient will not hesitate and instead will proudly put the sticker on the objects or places that he used to meet.

2. Paperbag
The use of paper bags as a souvenir of the company is quite popular among many companies. Because in terms of benefits, a paper bag is the packaging for the products we sell. The main key to promoting using a paper bag is the quality of the paper bag itself. Try to choose products that can be durable or durable. So that these company souvenirs can eventually be reused by consumers, and indirectly continue to be a media for promotion of our business.

3. Tote Bags
Functionally as a promotional media, tote bags are almost the same as a paper bag. It can be a product packaging or gift that we give to consumers. It’s just that tote bags are currently the preferred choice of corporate souvenirs. Because the government regulations that charge fees for the use of plastic bags when shopping. Apparently, many people, especially mothers, bring their own shopping bags from home. In this case, the tote bag is one of the many things used as a shopping bag.

4. Keychains
Almost all people who travel must have brought at least one key. Whether it’s a vehicle key, room key, gate key, cabinet key and so on. The existence of a key chain makes it easy for us to search for and find the key that we have if one day is lost or forgotten. The unique design and quality material are one of the success factors of this one company souvenir in becoming a promotional media.

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