The Latest Minimalist Roof Types

The main function of the house roof is to make us safe from the weather outside. Therefore, we have to find the best kind of roof in order to protect us and the family from the unpredictable weather. But even if you have chosen the best though, your roof will also leak someday. Well if it happens then it would be better if you immediately fix it in roofing grande prairie as soon as possible so as not to aggravate the damage to your roof. Apart from that, the following types of the latest minimalist roof of the house viewed from the material maker!

1. Roof tile roof
Clay tile is the most popular tile community. The advantages of this tile are the relatively affordable price, easy to find, available in various shapes and models, strong (stay safe though trampled), durable (changing weather like hot, cold and rain), safe against attack insects, easy installation.
For the disadvantage of this tile roof is made of clay is if you do not coat with paint it will quickly mossy and moldy, installation requires a lot of wood as a framework. But you do not have to worry, there are many ways to overcome the damp and moldy walls you can do yourself. For the installation of wood batten used as a frame of tile also requires precision so that the roof is not easy to leak and the roof is not sagging. The cause of the roof leaking roof can be tile sag and not in accordance with the layout.

2. Roof tile concrete
On ordinary concrete roof tiles, roofing material is printed from concrete that looks like clay roof. Concrete roof tiles are usually installed in homes for Minimalist House Design. There is a wide selection of models that you can choose from the corrugated tile to the flat with a wide selection of beautiful colors. The level of quality and durability you can also trust. Resistant to weather, fire or insect attack.
The disadvantage of concrete roof tiles is a heavier concrete roof tile compared to clay roof tile. The price is also more expensive than clay roof tile.

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