The Importance Of Bedding In Snake Enclosure

If you look at its character, the Ball Python is a very shy snake because when it feels threatened, the Ball Python does not attack or bite, it will instead form a circle-like body by hiding its head in the lower part of the body so that it is shaped like a ball. The Ball Python cage starts from the base, the cage container, bedding Substrates for ball python, and the equipment needed in the cage as well as the weaknesses and strengths of each recommendation that is given.

The cage mat or bedding is the main thing that can determine the survival of our favourite animal because choosing the wrong cage base can cause the death of our beloved animal, especially the Ball Python. The reason why the closure bedding is the main thing in ball python care is that if we choose the wrong snake cage mat it will be easy to stress and then it can cause a hunger strike, this is very dangerous for our pet snake.

As we know that the habitat of the Ball Python snake is forest, rice fields, hills, up to close to human settlements which include animals that spend a lot of their lives on the ground (Terrestrial) which automatically do not require branches or trees branches for maintenance. The cage media that you can use are Coco Hust, Wood Fiber, Newspaper Base, Paper, Forest Bask, Synthetic Grass, and others depending on the availability and wishes of the owner because each cage media has its advantages and disadvantages.

Maintenance containers or maintenance cages are very important because the selection of the wrong cage can result in bad things for our beloved pets such as stress, hunger strikes, and not infrequently cause death. In the treatment of a Ball Python or Royal Python snake, the main key lies in the Set-Up of the Cage because this snake is a snake that is not too difficult to care for as long as we understand the most important aspects of its care.

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