The Evolution Of Social Media That Bring You Fortune

The evolution of social media are the most popular offerings on the internet these days. Many online affiliate marketers and even large organizations are starting to make extensive use of these social networks to promote their products/services and increase brand awareness. According to Nielson Research, social media has become the fourth most popular activity online, and this is increasing as more people use social media platforms. This is significant considering that social networking sites have actually surpassed email interaction in terms of online activity. In fact, it’s now been established that a staggering two-thirds of all internet users visit social networks on a regular basis.

Thanks to the evolution of social media platforms and tools, we can participate in conversations and even projects with people from all over the world. Of course, that makes social media platforms an incredible opportunity to take advantage of. as an extremely powerful marketing tool. People are beginning to realize that by interacting with customers via a blog or on Facebook or Twitter, businesses can better manage their reputation and build a deeper relationship with their target audience. The even more surprising fact is that most social media users welcome a relationship with the company they like.

According to research and insights from Cone, 85% of social media users want their favorite companies to actively engage with them on social media.However, most of the popular social networks “Net” didn’t even exist seven years ago. How did these insightful magnetic online hangouts take off so quickly? If you look closely at the online market, you’ll find that social media has been around longer than you really think. The first online services and platforms that allowed users to exchange ideas and thoughts were conceived in the late 1970s, they were called “Usenets”. These services actually existed before the proliferation of powerful search engines like Google, MSn and Yahoo, Netscape was actually the first emerging technology when it came to search engine functionality. Usenets actually allowed people to post articles to newsgroups that everyone in that newsgroup could read.

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