The Atelier Condo Prices and Unit Types for Future Investment

Located in a private residential neighborhood, the Atelier Condo is zoned for future residential development. There are so many people choose it as their future investment that is very promising. It enjoys the quite open views and low-rise too because it is located across Bukit Timah Road as well. For you who want to buy this condo, it will be good for a freehold site and allows for more facilities to make your life easier than before.

To get to know more about the Atelier Condo prices and unit types, you can check the information down below.

Prices and Unit Types of The Atelier Condo

1. Unit Types

The Atelier condo has so many unit types that you can choose as your future investment. There are 150 units for A with 1 bedroom, for B with 2 bedrooms, and C with 3 bedrooms. The building is also including floor areas, patios, balconies, terraces, and A/C Ledges.

2. The price ranges

It was a land occupied by Makeway View, which sold for SGD$168 million and covers are more than 41,582 square feet, at a plot ratio of 2.8. This applies to land rates of SGD 1,626 per square foot per plot (PSF PPR), after accounting for development costs of around $ 21.26 million. Then, the break-even point to Bukit Sembawang is in the area of around $ 2,200 PSF. So, the latest comparable launches around the Newton region Newton, are generally valued in the range of $ 2,500 to $ 2,700 PSF.

Even the Atelier condo prices are not announced yet, but you can know from the update on the pricing once available in web and the previous land. It means that the Atelier price ranges could take its cue from the estimated price of them. You can buy it if it is suitable on your budget for housing.

That’s all the information about the prices and unit types of the Atelier condo. Hope it will be useful information for you who want to make any investment by choosing a condo as the assets. You can also stay there for living with your happy family because it has so many good amenities for making life easier.

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