The Advantages of Mirrorless Camera, Compare With DSLR Camera

Mirrorless camera, in fact, this technology has been present long enough and shifted the position of the DSLR camera, which is around the year 2004 when the release of the first Mirrorless camera in the world named Epson R-D1. Although it is the first Mirrorless camera in the world, but the features offered at that time not yet as sophisticated in the DSLR camera, it also makes the world photographer feel a little hesitant when they decided to migrate to this new technology, then in 2008, Panasonic Lumix DMC- G1 emerged as the answer of the photographers’ hesitation. But right now, Mirrorless cameras are ready to compete with DSLR cameras. Here the advantages Mirrorless camera:

– Minimalist design, as well as lightweight
Looks like this enough excess can be considered before deciding to buy a camera, because it could be Mirrorless is the right camera for you, this camera comes with a more minimalist design with lighter weight, it is suitable for you the traveler who often feel burdened if must carry a heavier DLSR and take up space.

– Live preview technology
Mirrorless cameras do not have a viewfinder like those of a DSLR, so to see the image object we have to use the LCD to do a live preview, luckily the image will still be the same as the live preview.

– Accessories and lenses are diverse
We are given the ease of the existence of various accessories and lenses on this Mirrorless camera, great again, we are served with an adapter to connect Mirrorless with a lens that is not a kind.

– Better to record than DSLR
Many people give this testimony, if Mirrorless has a sharper recording result than DSLR, this is also true for me, as I have felt myself when comparing the results of beginner and beginner’s beginner class DSLR video.

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