Taking Your Prints to the Next Level: Why Mimaki LUS-120 UV Ink is a Game-Changer for Wide Format Printing

In the bustling world of wide format printing, the quality of ink can elevate a project from good to absolutely sensational. Enter Mimaki LUS-120 UV ink, a powerhouse in the realm of print technology that’s been turning heads and winning hearts. Let’s delve into the advantages of using this cutting-edge ink for wide format printing!

Flexibility and Elasticity: Often in wide format printing, materials are exposed to conditions that might cause regular inks to crack or peel. However, Mimaki LUS-120 is the equivalent of a gymnast in the ink world. Whether it’s flexed, bent, or waved, this ink stays put. Printed a beautiful banner for a windy festival? You can rest easy knowing the ink won’t chip or crack away.

Stunning Color Density: There’s a delightful richness to the colors produced using Mimaki LUS-120. Whether it’s the deepest blue of a midnight sky or the radiant red of a summer rose, the colors are vibrant, making your prints pop and stand out from the crowd.

Texture Magic: This ink isn’t just about vivid colors; it brings an added dimension of texture. With the ability to create raised patterns when layered, it can add a tactile touch to your prints. Think of it as 3D printing but for ink! It’s an innovative way to make prints interactive and engaging.

Eco-friendly UV Curing: Being a UV ink, it cures when exposed to UV light. This quick-drying process is not only efficient but also environmentally friendly. It reduces the need for harmful solvents and leads to fewer volatile organic compounds being released into the atmosphere.

Durability Against External Factors: Printed materials often face harsh external factors, like direct sunlight or rainfall. With Mimaki LUS-120, these worries diminish. The UV-cured prints are more resistant to fading from UV light exposure and can stand up to occasional splashes, ensuring longevity for outdoor banners or posters.

Savings on Maintenance: Owing to its unique formulation, this ink doesn’t clog print heads as frequently as some other inks might. Less clogging means less maintenance, translating to cost savings in the long run.

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