Spicy Food Benefit

Hello! For you who are wondering who I am and what exactly my blog is, well, first of all, I always in love in spicy food, so my friend once told me to keep it all recorded, so I decide to make this blog and this blog is dedicated to all the spicy food that burns my tongue in the nicest way possible.

I ate many spicy foods so that I know well enough when to stop, but if you are not familiar with it then you have to recognize the signal given by the body. If you cannot tolerate spicy food the sign as heartburn. Generally, people who have digestive disorders such as Hiatal hernias, intestinal and stomach disorders are advised to avoid or reduce spicy foods so as not to worsen their condition.

I know that many people are afraid of eating spicy food for the reason of side effect on the body. However, spicy food can provide health benefits. In addition to adding flavor to food and one’s appetite, spicy chili or curry can make a healthy body. The spicy taste and burning sensation produced by chili are caused by high concentrations of the active ingredient called capsaicin.

For you that are hesitant to taste spicy food, don’t be because here I will tell you the positive impact of spicy food for your body. Turmeric compounds (which are in curry foods) in spicy foods can reduce joint inflammation and bone damage in humans, so it can be beneficial for people with arthritis (joint inflammation). Several studies have shown regular consumption of chili and curry can reduce the risk of cancer. Capsaicin compounds in chili can kill cancer cells by attacking mitochondria without damaging healthy cells and relieving pain in the mouth for cancer sufferers, while curcumin in curry spices has an anti-cancer effect. Spicy foods can help improve heart health and increase the body’s ability to dissolve blood clots. Reducing pain and discomfort, capsaicin compounds are known to reduce levels of substance P, which is a neurotransmitter of pain signals.

So, don’t be afraid of eating spicy food. Just make sure that you can handle it. But if you are here just to see me crying because of the spiciness I could not handle, then enjoy the view!

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