Some Of These Causes That Make Compressor In The Car Becoming So Rapid

The air conditioner is an important part of a car. For that, many people who keep the parts to always be in good condition to be able to drive their car very well. However, if indeed one part of the air conditioner in your car cannot function properly. So, you can replace the part with a new part but with a high price. or you can buy those parts that have been used by other people but have good conditions. If that’s the case, you may be looking for BumbleBee JUNK to be able to find that part with excellent quality.

One of the most important but often damaged parts in the air conditioner is the compressor. There are several reasons why these sections become frequently damaged, some of these causes are

1. Compressor Oil Consumed
Oil on the compressor is used as a lubricant to cool the various components of the air conditioner that rub against each other. The exhausted compressor oil will make the performance of each component in its decrease. Inji will make the compressor unable to produce high pressure to exhale cold air into the car parts.

2. Death Fan
The fan on the air conditioner or the radiator is weak or even die will cause pressure on the excess machine or overheat. This over-heat situation causes the compressor to become hot, making it prone to leakage, and rough noise.

3. Age Usage
Age of use on all components of air conditioner should always be noted that each component is always in good condition and always good quality. If the usage life has exceeded the maximum usage limit, it will make the entire system performance in the air conditioner is not maximal and susceptible to damage.

Various components are to be always considered the circumstances, ranging from usage to age usage so you can get the best components for every part of your vehicle.

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