Some Effective Ways To Improve Memory And Concentration

The brain is a very important organ in human life. This organ functions from the start to think to the subconscious. Memory is very important for several jobs, one for bookkeepers Sydney. If a bookkeeper often forgets about his work, it can harm the company or even make him bankrupt. For that, we need some exercises that can improve memory to become a trusted and accomplished bookkeeper. Here are some ways that can help you improve your memory and concentration.

1. Avoid Multitasking
Multitasking is indeed needed in daily work, especially for housewives who are always busy at home every day. However, it turns out that too often completing work in multitasking can harm memory. People who focus on completing a job will have a better memory. Therefore, complete one job before you start doing another job.

2. Practicing the Mnemonic Concept
The concept of mnemonics is also known as donkey bridges. You may have been taught to remember things more easily by making this donkey bridge.
Mnemonics can be done in various ways, including:
• make acronyms or abbreviations
• visualize an object to remember what needs to be done
• shredding information so that it is easier to remember, such as when trying to remember telephone numbers.

3. Doing Brain Games
Another way to improve memory is by playing brain games, which can make the brain think a little so that it remains connected to the cells in it. If someone does or rarely hones the ability of the brain, cells in the brain begin to degenerate so that it becomes easy to forget. Playing a brain game for example is playing chess which requires focus to think about a few steps ahead.

4. Memory Repetition
Even a good memorizer needs time to repeat his memorization so that it is more perfect. Repetition or repetition is a way that feels needed if you want to improve the brain’s ability to remember something.

After learning something, give a pause for a few moments, then do a review again of what you have learned. This will make the brain trained to open up memories so it is not easy to forget important things.

Memory repetition can be done with the help of writing down important things in a notebook, repeating the name of someone you just met repeatedly, and repeating a sentence someone said to you.

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