Sign of Fake SEO Company

It’s understandable that you need to save your website as soon as possible before it drowns in the bottom ranks of google search result. However, remember that you cannot choose an SEO service company recklessly if you don’t want to be scammed by the fraud companies. Choosing a professional company carefully will be worth your patience and you will get the proper services as well. It’s important for every web owner to know the indications when they’re being scammed by the fraud marketing agency. To get the best one, you can see King Kong SEO service reviews. Here are the indications that you should know:

1. It’s charging you with the hidden prices

When a company charges you with the sneaky hidden prices, that have never been mentioned in the first deal, then you have every right to refuse. It will be even better if you have any proof of that company’s fraud, so you can sue that company if you have to. However, if you simply want to avoid more trouble, you don’t have to sue it. Just leave it immediately and tells your friends to stay away from that company.

2. The staff tries to scare you with the future problems that might not happen

Yes, it’s just like when an insurance company agent tries to sell his products. He will tell you that this and that can happen if you are not buying the premium. However, the same method can be used by a SEO marketing company as well. Some of them are trying to scare you with the SEO problems that might not happen at all. If a company staff is trying to get more money by scaring you with the possibilities of future website problems, leaving that company is a good idea.

3. The services are lower than what they’ve promised

When you are receiving the worse services than what they’ve promised, you must send them your complaint. If they don’t listen to you, you can either sue that company or leave it immediately. Never trust that company ever again in order to protect your future investment in SEO marketing agency.

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