Seat Belt and Latch Installation Instructions

Lower anchors for the LATCH system are situated where the seat cushions converge in the backseat of vehicles. Tether anchors can be found behind the seat on the panel, the back of the seat, the ceiling, or the floor. The tethers or tether connectors on all forward-facing car safety seats attach to these anchors. Besides you can read more on the topic —Top-rated best Graco convertible car seats.

The maximum weight capacity for all lower anchors is 65 pounds. When using lower anchors, parents should consult the manufacturer’s recommendations for the maximum weight of a kid. The maximum weight for brand-new automotive safety seats is indicated on their label.

Seat belt
If you use the seat belt in your automobile to install a car safety seat, ensure sure the seat belt locks to hold the seat firmly in place. The seat belt can be locked in most newer vehicles by fully extending it before letting it retract to keep the seat belt securely fastened around the vehicle’s safety seat. Additionally, a lot of automobile safety seats come with built-in lock-offs that allow you to secure the belt without also locking the seat belt independently.

Midway back in the seat
All children under the age of 13 should travel in the rear seat, which is the safest position and the child could do best to sit in the middle of the back seat, if at all possible. However, if the car seat is thin or uneven, it can occasionally be challenging to install a car safety seat snugly in the middle. The rear seat should be installed with the automobile safety seat as snugly as possible using the seat belt or lower anchor system; in some cases, this position may be on either side rather than in the middle.

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