Removing Stickers Effortlessly

Those Bumper Stickers may look cool when you put them on, but after some time they get worn and embarrassing. Unfortunately, removing the bumper sticker is much more difficult than putting it on. This article discusses some general tips for removing car bumper stickers. The longer the sticker stays on the car, the harder it will be to remove it.

Heating the sticker softens the tough glue on the reverse side. So, use a hairdryer for about 5 minutes in the corner of the bumper sticker. Move the hairdryer in circular motions around the corners of the sticker. Keep a few inches apart because you don’t want to risk damaging the paint or glass. You can also use a heat gun to loosen the sticker. Remember excessive and constant heat can melt stickers and bumpers if they are not made of metal. Soak the bumper area in boiling water for one minute. Before drying the surface, try removing the sticker.

Get a razor scraper with a straight end and hold it together with a small bottle of denatured alcohol. You will also require some clean rags. The scraper will leave a residue of sticker glue. This is when alcohol should be used. Apply a small amount of rubbing alcohol to the rag and rub off any excess glue. This will ensure the removal of sticker particles from the surface.

When removing a sticker from a painted surface, be careful not to damage the paint. The razor scraper should be held at a low angle and used to work small areas of the sticker. Denatured alcohol works very well and is a mild solvent that won’t damage the paint. Finally, make sure the surface of the car is clean using a sponge, soap and water.

A cleaning product is available in the market which helps to remove bumper stickers. The solution comes in a spray can and does not damage the surface paint. The key to this product is to loosen the glue stick that is attached to the back of the sticker so that it comes off easily.

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