Problems Often Occur In Ball Screw

A ball screw is one of the most important parts of a machine and even made with the best quality material, it could be damaged and affect other parts of the machine. When the ball screw is not maintained well, then you will need a superior ball screw repair service immediately before the damage is too severe and you need to replace it with the new one. Of course, it will cost you a lot more to replace the ball screw than to repair the one you have. So, make sure you know when to repair it before it is too late.

The most common problem that occurs to the ball screw is the broken ball. The most commonly used material is steel chromium-molybdenum steel. Ball screws have and do not have lubrication, and the temperature rise caused by clearly different movements, and the rise in temperature can cause steel balls to break into the damage, thereby causing damage to nuts or screw grooves. Therefore, lubrication must be considered in the design process. If an automatic lubrication system cannot be used, an additional oil supplement plan must be included in the maintenance manual.

It could also experience back pipe depression or fracture where the nut travels or returns the pipe when the impact will cause the pipe to return sag or fracture, and because it is blocking the steel ball cycle path. It causes the steel ball to slide rather than normal and eventually causes the pipe to return to the fracture. A ball screw shoulder fracture often caused by improper design where the shoulder screw must avoid the design angle to reduce local stress concentration. The bending of the head shaft screw is often caused by the bearing surface and locking nuts, V gear shaft center verticality is not good, or two in the direction of locking the bean surface parallelism is not good, all can cause the shoulder screw to bend or damage.

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