Prayer As A Worship

Prayer is the most important worship. Whoever prays he is pursuing salvation. Prayer services are very influential on the physical and spiritual life, the world, and the hereafter. Humans as a servant must pray because humans are weak and needy. People who are experiencing difficulties will be very aware of this situation because he feels it. There is no human in the world without difficulty, no human is immune to the disease. Even with an invisible virus, humans can perish. According to the language of prayer comes from the word which means to call. Meanwhile, according to the term prayer means asking for something useful and asking to be free or prevented from something that makes it possible that is why many use a prayer request to make sure their prayer is answered.

Humans are encouraged to pray as is done by valid people where they always say their prayers under any circumstances (not just praying when it’s difficult). Prayer can also increase the stability of a servant’s soul. And be patient with those who call on their Lord in the morning and evening, hoping for His good pleasure, and do not turn your eyes away from them because they hope for the jewels of world life, and do not follow those whose circumstances cross the line. Prayer with feeling is carried out with devotion to God and feel the beauty of grace that He has poured out on us so that we can change negative feelings into positive ones. Some examples of prayer with feelings are feeling close to, feeling protected by, feeling loved by, getting a gift from God and our Lord give all the good, while the bad is caused by our mistakes.

Prayer with conviction is the strength of in the course of life, that everything happens only according to the will of God and there is a complete belief that God the one who has the right to be worshiped. People who always praying with a belief that goes to the bottom of their hearts will not be amazed at anything and anyone, except only to God. Prayer by the activities carried out with an obedient attitude to the rules of God both in terms of clear mind, worship, and good deeds.

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