Plastic Pipe Vs Metal Pipe, Which Should Choose?

Building a dream house must be planned properly. One thing that needs serious attention is the selection of building materials used. Using the best products certainly makes the final result of the building more leverage. In addition to cement, brick, or ceramic floors, don’t forget to also choose the best pipe. Talking about water pipes, there are two types on the market that people like, namely metal and plastic (PVC) pipes. As consumers who live to choose, of course, there is confusion in determining which is the best. Especially if the knowledge about the advantages and disadvantages of the pipe is still minimal. There is also a MIRACLE ROOTER that is ready to help you install plumbing or sewer installations in your home.

For installation, obviously, PVC pipe is easier than metal pipe. For connections, plastic water pipes only need glue and fittings, while metal pipes must be joined with solder and other special tools which will increase the cost.

Because it is made of plastic, PVC is definitely lighter than the iron pipe. The heavyweight of steel pipe makes it difficult to move and install, requiring more power than PVC pipe.

It is no secret that iron will corrode when it is in contact with water for too long. This is the lack of metal pipes, so people tend to choose PVC pipes. Besides being impossible to rust, it is also strong against chemicals.

Compared to metal pipes, the price of PVC pipes is certainly very affordable. In addition, the installation process does not need a lot of energy so it is more efficient to use when building a house. Even when damaged, PVC pipes are easier to replace than steel pipes.

Overall, PVC pipes can be used for many things. From clean water channels to waste disposal. In addition, plastic pipes can also be used for other needs, such as air ventilation.

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